Together with our ministry partners,
our desire is to make the greatest IMPACT possible

Impact Uganda is working with Dr. William Kyagulanyi in Uganda, Africa to provide a well ministry where he is a specialist. Additionally we support the construction of schools and churches for the purpose of education and job skills development. Dr. William Kyagulanyi received his qualification for well drilling from the Ugandan government and was given permission to work with Korean excavation drilling equipment manufactured by Hyundai. Using the drilling machine, compressor, and excavation equipment equipped with various drilling accessories, the work is focused on supplying groundwater and wells for each village and elementary school while sharing information and technology with national specialized institutions for geological understanding and water quality inspections. Our vision and mission is that the lives of God’s children will be respected through this ministry in Africa.

We help to establish churches and schools for evangelization and literacy in Africa.
Through education and the Gospel, we develop the power to live on this land.

We provide jobs to the socially disadvantaged and help them realize their potential and become self-reliant.